Grouping organisations

Four levels or organising

  1. Clubs

    A group of flyers (and supporters of course) that support one or more forms of kite-flying,
    but not on national level.

  2. National:

    Federation of clubs

    A federation of clubs, supporting on or more forms of kiteflying.

    Association of flyers

    A national organisation that support one or more of the forms of kite flying.

  3. Regional

    Organisations to group the previous two levels

    Possible regional division

    • Afrika
    • East Asia
    • Europe
    • Middle Asia
    • Northern Amerika
    • Latin America
    • Pacific
  4. World wide

    federating the regional organisations


Focus on regional organisations as support for world wide federation.

Regional level permits the differences in the organising level in different countries to work together in one group.

Establishing a partial stable frame work "under construction"

As long as there are no national federations covering all (6) forms of kite flying, the regional organisations will form a framework for smaller groups, while supporting the World wide orgnanisation

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