Classify kite flying

Six forms of kites and or kite-flying,
for which already organisations on club, and/or national level exist.
And for most of which competitions are held.

  1. Display

    "Classical" and "etnic" kites. "Art" kites. Inflatables.Etc.
    Competitions in craftsmenship, the biggest, longest, highest flying kites.

  2. Acrobatic

    Steerable kites with two, three or four lines.
    Precision, freestyle, tricks, ballet etc.

  3. Fighter

    Manja, Rokkaku

  4. Traction:

  5. Land

    Buggy, board, ski.

  6. Water

    Surfing, boarding, boats.

  7. Utility

    Photography, weather monitoring, energy production.

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