Square cuts front


Square cuts 3D

3D view


  • IN : all kites at ^ 45
    • kites are -and stay- evenly spread, outermost kites at "IN" at < 32 and < 13 respectively
    • - all kites fly vertically downwards; curve into horizontal flight; stop and simultaneously perform one-and-a-half axel
    • after the axel the kites fly into a downward curve and then into a full circle with a diameter of about 20°.
    • after finishing the circle upward flight until original height is reached
    • NOTE: the axel should be in the center of the circle; the entrance into the circle not higher than the axel and the start of the vertical upwards at the edge of the circle
  • OUT : after all kites reach their original height

Scoring factors

maintaining equal spread of the kites during figure - 20
simultaneous axels - 30
axels in the center of the circles - 30
full circles - 20