Square cuts front


Square cuts 3D

3D view


  • IN : all kites at ^ 5 ; 45 deg. between firts and last kite, flying towards center before first kite reaches < 20
    • all kites turn up sharply when first kite reaches < 5; last kite at < 30
    • all kites turn sharply and simultaneously at about ^ 35 and fly diagonally downwards
    • after flying 30 deg to the left all kites start flying a circle with a diameter of about 8 deg
    • after flying most of the circle all kites turn into a short vertical and onto the original height with a small curve
  • OUT : after all kites flown about 20 deg horizontally, originally last kite first

Scoring factors

maintaining a horizontal formation during the whole figure - 30
simultaneous turns - 40
Correct width and height of the figure - 30