Square cuts front


Square cuts 3D

3D view


  • IN : all kites at horizontal line at ^ 5; flying to the right; before first kite reaches < 20
    • all kites turn simultaneously upwards 45 deg, first kite at team center window
    • all kites turn simultaneously upwards, following the originally last kite
    • kites turn one by one at the top of the figure; at ^ 55, center
    • when the origianlly last kite reaches < 30 all kites turn simultaneously downwards
    • all kites turn simultaneously, back to the horizontal at ^ 5; last kite at the same spot as the upward turn of the first kite
  • OUT : after last kite reaching < 35

Scoring factors

maintaining equal distance on parallel straight lines - 20
simultaneous turns on horizontal line - 30
simultaneous turns on both ends of parallel diagonal lines (speed control) - 30
Correct width and height of the figure - 20