Square cuts front


Square cuts 3D

3D view


  • IN : both kites at ^ 25 and ^ 33 in horizontal flight both at least 25° of centre window
    • at about < 28 the 'top' kite turns 90° downwards; as is passes the flight path of the 'bottom' this one turns as well
    • both kites fly a short straight stretch, half a cirrcle, again straight, another half circle, a straight and a half circle again.
    • at ^ 25< 20 the 'bottom' kite turns 90° into horizontal flight, after pasing the other kite's flightpath that kite turns as well.
    • in between the 90° turn the start and end of all half circles is done simulteneously (so the 'outher' kite flies faster than the 'inner' one);
    • and the distance between the kites (8°) stays the same
  • OUT : after about 10 ° horizontal flightlanding


Scoring factors

simulteneous start and ending of half circles - 40
keeping equal distance between kites - 40
correct size of the 'eight' - 20