Square cuts front


Square cuts 3D

3D view


  • IN : kite at ^ 50 > 45
    • after a horizontal stretch of about 32° a sharp turn downwards into a 'false' vertical, at the end a half circle 10° wide
    • followed by a short straight and a curve into a diagonal upwards.
    • the top end is the same set of curve, straight and half circle, followed by
    • a 'false' vertical downwards, a sharp turn, and a horizontal stretch of about 50°
  • OUT : when the kite reaches < 45

flying direction is opposite to 'old' Split figure eight!

Scoring factors

equal size and shape of the two 'half eights' - 40
equal maintained distance between 'false' verticals - 30
correct height of the figure - 20
angle of diagonal - 10