A try at animations of tricks and compulsory figures

Kite Acrobatics Competitions

In the animations you can move around with the left mouse button;
or you can change view with the page-up or page-down button

The three axes a kite can turn on
RED: top to bottom (TtB)
GREEN: front to back(FtB)
BLUE: left to right (LtR)

Kite 3D


they take some time to load!
all kite only, in slow motion!

Axel (2015-10-15)

Fade (2015-10-15)

Turtle (2015-10-15)

Lazy Susan (2015-11-01)

(all need still some work)

animations done thanks to
X3DOM - Declarative 3D for HTML Copyright (C) 2009 X3DOM